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Character Profiles: Rules, Guidelines and Information Empty Character Profiles: Rules, Guidelines and Information

Post  Cynic on Thu Dec 17, 2009 10:42 am


DO - Make sure your character's name is original, and not already taken.
Reason: I think everyone wants to avoid the drama of fighting over something as trivial as a name. So make your life easier and check the directory for a repeat name.

DO - Make certain you have specific and correct height, weight, skin color and other features to do with appearance.
Reason: We aren't allowed to accept character profiles until this information is completed and correct. And please don't put something like, "Weight: A lady doesn't give her weight." We can't accept it until we know for sure.

DO- Have your profile totally completed when you post it.
Reason: WIP profiles are the bane of our existences... there's nothing we can do with them, and they clutter the directory a looooot. So make it easier on yourself and just finish the entire profile before posting it. It'll save us some work, and it'll save you some work because there's a rule that allows us to delete WIP profiles if they don't have the basic minimum amount of information.

DO- Use the edit button on your profiles.
Reason: It's very confusing when people post their profile multiple times in the directory. When we come across two profiles of the same character, it's sometimes a difficult judgement call when deciding which profile is the one that should be used. So to save some confusion later, just use the edit button on your profiles.

DO- Fix your profile when a mod tells you something is wrong.
Reason: This should be obvious. If you don't fix the profile, you can't play the character! However, there's a bigger reason you should fix it ASAP when something is pointed out. When something wrong is pointed out, this is considered a "first warning" of sorts. Then, the profile will go unnoticed for a while, giving you ample time to remedy the problem. However, if the profile gets a second mod check, and the profile hasn't been fixed yet, it will get deleted! So it's very important to fix those profiles!


DON'T- Include magic/supernatural powers.
Reason: Self-explanatory.

DON'T- Make up a rank/Suddenly gain a rank.
Reason: You can't say you're a member of The Aristocrat Club unless you have been cordially invited and accepted. Pretty simple really.

DON'T- Use clothing from a different time period.
Reason: I think it's safe to say that children in the 1930s didn't have fishnet-stockings or emo-ish hair cuts. So just... don't put them on your characters.

DON'T- Wait to have your profile accepted before RPing.
Reason: Trust me, you do not want to have to wait for your profile to be accepted. You could be waiting for a while if you do that. Just start RPing with your character, or PM a mod to have your profile checked if you're feeling paranoid. If someone finds something wrong later, you can just fix it then, no harm done.

DON'T- Bump your threads.
Reason: This is just a general forum rule anyway. It's kind of annoying when people bump their threads. Even if you have good intentions, could you refrain from doing it? There are better ways to bring attention to a character profile than bumping.

DON'T- Post a profile without a personality.

DON'T- Post multiple characters within a single thread.
Reason: It's helpful for us to only have one character per thread. If your characters go together, and you just CAN'T LIVE without their profiles being in the same place, you could try adding a link between the profiles.

DON'T- Roleplay a character without posting a profile.
Reason: For the sake of record keeping, we'd like for everyone to post a profile for every character that is RPed here. It helps us (and the forum) know what names are taken, and which characters are currently being played. If you don't post a profile, you'll probably be asked to go post one, or else not RP the character anymore.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Happy RPing!

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