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Post  WolfRaider on Tue Dec 07, 2010 6:20 pm

Hazard High School, a school who’s total population was 286 incredibly close students. It was the middle of the school year, getting very close to when Christmas break would begin. Basketball season was slipping into full swing, though the snowy weather kept postponing games and practices.
Dakota sighed, sitting at one of the navy oval tables inside the small cafeteria. She yawned, tired from late practice the night before. It was morning, before first bell rang and signaled her Honors English class. She was eating two chicken biscuits and a grape juice, the staple of her breakfast each morning.
She wore a navy hoodie, a gold basketball on the front with the letting “Lady Bulldogs” around it. On the back it said “Caudill 54”. Her sweatpants were navy, the number emblazoned across the thigh. She sighed, scratching her head as she kicked her dufflebag over with her foot. Most of her friends hadn’t arrived yet, not that she was in much of a mood for conversation.
She caught bits and pieces of nearby conversations, something about a new girl.


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