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Sam the Philanthropic [ACCEPTED] Empty Sam the Philanthropic [ACCEPTED]

Post  Cynic on Thu Dec 17, 2009 12:14 pm

Name: Samantha White

Nickname: Sam, and anything else you want to call her

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Lesbian

Love Interest: Riley

Personality: Sam's normally a very friendly girl, though she's very shy. Upon meeting her, some people may think that she's mute from her lack of words due to her shyness, but once you get past her shy exterior, she's quite friendly and kind, willing to help a friend any time. If with someone who she deeply cares about such as a crush or secret love, she's still slightly shy, but overcomes it gradually, being highly affectionate toward the person in question.

History: At the age of 5, tragedy struck the young child when her parents were murdered in her own home. She's never been able to forget the incident, and is haunted by memories of it almost every day. Sent to a trauma centre for 6 months, she was then forced into a foster home, with a family who couldn't care less about her needs, wants and emotions. The father of the family doesn't even need an excuse to punish her, often resulting in the girl being littered with bruises and scars. She's been living with the family for almost 10 years, but is too afraid to leave, since she would have nowhere else to go if she did so.

Physical Description: Piercing pale blue eyes stare, as long light, blonde hair overshadows the young teen's face, with several bruises and scars across the back of her neck, though no one knows their origin. She doesn't mind wearing dresses or skirts, but mostly prefers a t-shirt and jeans over a dress on most days. She had rather curvy hips, with a moderate chest; a golden necklace pendant strewn across her neck.

Height: 5"4
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair: Blonde, long, past her shoulders.
Eyes: Pale blue.
Complexion: Fairly tanned.

Sam the Philanthropic [ACCEPTED] SamSketches-1

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